Ashwin Salunke the man who created a benchmark for RVCJ Media

A leader has the vision, humility, and fortitude to learn and grow on a continuous basis, and to establish a future vision and a strategy to attain it by mapping a course that leads to success. Leadership develops a person’s ability to accomplish things they don’t like, and then they enjoy doing them. People who combine their primary role with that of a leader have little or no need to rely on the constraints that reinforce their authority. Because the leader’s most crucial job is motivation.

Ashwin Salunke is one such name behind the motivation that has never wavered and has helped RVCJ media achieve its goals. All of the hard work that went into getting RVCJ Media’s Video Vertical Department to where it is today was done by a one-man army. This outstanding platform’s creativity is led by a visionary. He created a guide for influencing others in order to shape a better future and address challenges in novel ways.
He has the capacity to recognise others’ potential and has a proclivity to lead them. He possesses the ability to motivate others, which aids in the resolution of other people’s problems. This form of leadership generates positive momentum and long-term sustainability in a company. Because of his stature, Ashwin was able to achieve what he had always desired.

RVJC Media has become one of the greatest of the best. When a company need a new and clear direction, visionary leadership is most effective. RVCJ Media Video Vertical is where it is today thanks to Ashwin’s great thinking and technical abilities. Being the driving force behind all of the hard work that went into getting it to the top.

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