Bigg Boss 15: Kushal Tandon defends Shamita Shetty on getting age shamed by Karan Kundrra

, Karan Kundrra has recently come under fire.

While every contestant on the show is vying for viewers’ media exposure, Karan Kundrra has recently come under fire. This occurred following his age-shaming of Shamita Shetty on one of the recent episodes.
While his comments have sparked debates within the house, it has also made the outsiders brim with thoughts.  Kushal Tandon, ex-contestant of Bigg Boss has come to the defense of Shamita and bashed Karan. Kushal took to Twitter to say, “Abeeee ohh Karan Kundra, you are a jananiii,  trying to age shame Shamita?” And, by the way, what is your age, bro? 37, Pagleeee, get your thoughts and life on track and stop clinging on to Prateek.  Except for Jay, you’re all dogs, and Prateek is a tiger, a majestic tiger.”

While his tweet received a lot of attention, the former Bigg Boss 7 contestant later deleted it.
Previously, Neha Bhasin criticized Karan for his remark about Shamita. “Karan Kundra, please grow up and stop attacking @shamitashetty official on Bigg Boss,” she wrote. When you’re 37, calling grown-up women Aunty has become a dumb way of ridiculing them. Calling @pratiksehajpal chotey and trying to abuse his mother are low-hanging fruits.   @ijaybhanushali I appreciated you in the beginning, and I hope you perform better on the show. I hope fans avoid fan wars and, for once, stand up and be counted.”

Bigg Boss 15, which premiered earlier this month, began with a bang. And, despite the fact that it has only been a week, the new season of the widely known reality show has already been associated with controversies, disputes, and brawls each passing day introducing a new spin to the real game.

The show has already created a lot of buzz and is making headlines for its endless gossips and banters.

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