How VectorMob tasted success since inception in 2016

Almost every aspect of our life today is digital. Technology is a part of our living and has made our living easy in many ways. 2020 saw a surge in digital dependency and over the last few years, the efforts put by the innovators have reaped benefits significantly.

Susheel Puri
Susheel Puri

India has been at the forefront of digital media where technology is being revolutionized by several startups. One among them is VectorMob, where smart minds develop smart platforms, thereby creating a space that offers end-to-end solutions to telecommunication needs.

Co-founded in 2016 by Rachna Puri, Susheel Puri, and Munish Gupta, Vectormob, since its inception has strived on integrating content, marketing, and technology to create interesting and successful stories. In its very first year, the firm was live in 11 countries and 25 operators with its WAP services.

Rachna Puri
Rachna Puri

Talking about the growth, Rachna Puri, said, “The company tasted success in the next 24 months and by 2018, we, at Vectormob set up a 40-seater office in Mumbai, which brings together a self-motivated team that enhances growth.”

On the other side, the team also opened a branch in Mohali where a strong and able technical team was developed lead by Gupta.

Munish Gupta
Munish Gupta

“The team also hit a milestone in 2019 by venturing into digital marketing and bridging gaps as required by the brands. VectorMob has now established its expertise across several marketing platforms and has a stronghold on many aspects of digital media like content creation, social media marketing, influencer marketing, customized solutions development, and creating marketing strategies for a wide range of clients,” Susheel Puri added.

Today, VectorMob has become a preferred marketing partner for many brands from films to healthcare, real estate, media houses, FMCG brands, etc. Some of the names in the clientele include NDTV, Airtel, VodafoneIdea, Josh app, Bytedance, Vyng App, Madison, Havas, Zee studio, Panorama Studio, Balaji, among others.

Starting this year, VectorMob has plans to mark in the global marketing space with its two big ambitious projects – a video broadcasting and an e-concert platform.

Sharing more information, Munish Gupta said, “The focus of the video broadcasting project will be to create refined and micro-targeted visual media branding solution where brands will be able to showcase their advertisement to end-users and get real-time stats on user profiling, user behavior, and response to the ad. The second project, the e-concert platform, will be an interactive platform that will offer a realistic experience for the audience and performers which 360-degree solutions. More details will be revealed soon.”

The team strongly believes that the future is bright for VectorMob as both the new products and other operational plans will help the firm scale newer heights with achieving more in the years to come.

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