Nirav Modi’s brother-in-law will assist the ED in its investigation of the PNB fraud case

Mehta's lawyer, Amit Desai, told the court that the warrants should be revoked. "He is a British citizen who resides in Hong Kong.

Maiank Mehta, the brother-in-law of wanted diamond merchant Nirav Modi, and his wife Purvi had filed a direct appeal in the special court under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) that they would transform authorizer in the case on the circumstance that their warrants be rescinded. As a result, the special court at PMLA dismissed all exemplary non-bailable warrants against the fugitive’s brother-in-law. When Mehta appeared in court on Tuesday, Justice VC Barde commanded that all exceptional non-bailable warrants be decided to cancel.

He was also required to post cash bail bonds of Rs 50,000.
The court stated that if Mehta wishes to move out of the country, he must first obtain permission from the court. Mehta’s lawyer raised objections, saying that if the Enforcement Directorate summons him, he will appear. “We will notify the ED as well as the court; no permit should be required,” the lawyer said when asked if he needed permission from the court to leave the state.

The judge sided and ordered him to notify the ED if he left the country.
Mehta and Purvi are alleged who is facing a slew of warrants. In 2018, the judge granted non-bailable writ against the husband and wife. Purvi was issued a red corner notice by Interpol. The Mehtas had filed two petitions to have the warrants revoked. While the warrants were not canceled, the court opted to continue the non-bailable warrants at bay.

They were only permitted to be moderators if they made “fair and clear declassification of the entire situations within (their) awareness, comparative to the infringement as well as every other individual in question.”
Mehta’s lawyer, Amit Desai, told the court that the warrants should be revoked. “He is a British citizen who resides in Hong Kong. He is a Jain practitioner who has arrived in the middle of paryushan. He is, regrettably, entangled in this matter. It is a happening of the belief that his wife is the sister of the man charged with the offense. He has lived in other countries for over 40 years, but this is his birthplace “Desai stated.

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