Que Tha Poet Making the Most of his Talent

Que Tha Poet is a rare gem applying pressure in LA. He’s actually a diamond waiting to
be polished up. We all have those days that feel never-ending and sometimes the best
way to wind down those days is with the perfect rolling Hip Hop record serving as the
soundtrack to your mood. Que Tha Poet’s music is strictly a vibe and yeah his flow is
flawless. He’s ready to shine and lately, his buzz is developing online momentum.

Today, he may be a hometown legend but he’s not necessarily a household name yet, but
his music is definitely being heard and his journey has just begun. After giving three backto-back hits with another rapper DeVon True, in “Adamsville”, “Odyssey” and “Margarita”;
Que returns to the scene with this new exclusive “Paranoid” and it features Vory who has
recently collaborated with Kanye West’s in his album Donda. Word is, it’s a video on the
way for this banger!

In his recent song, “Adamsville” he shows off a unique talent not only for rapping but for
explaining and expressing himself as Morpheus from the Matrix. The song holds a perfect
mixture of lyrics and rhythm. The -year-old rising star has a promising future. He’s
currently hard at work hitting the studio every day perfecting the debut project with Vory
that’s going to take him to the next level.
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