Razor, aka Razorartist: One of the brightest and rising stars in the UK’s music scene.

In recent times, Razor has spellbound listeners with his honest music and raw vibe.

Having the vision to do and be great in one’s career and achieve certain goals is one thing, but making sure to take the necessary steps, overcome every hurdle, walk with courage and make every possible effort to turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. It is always quite amazing to know about such individuals who never shy from taking risks in life to attain their desired growth and success levels, even amidst fiercely competitive industries like music, which overflows with innumerable established as well as rising players. However, we noticed how a certain young talent named Razor, aka Razorartist, ensured to give it his all and turn every opportunity into a step to success for himself as a singer, musician, and performer.

Razor is not your average guy with an average success story; he is definitely much more than that and has spellbound people with his pure skills and creativity in music, which effortlessly exudes through each of his songs in his career so far. Many of them have gone ahead in hitting great streams and views and have garnered him massive recognition and momentum, yet again proving his excellence in the vast music space, especially in the UK, known for giving birth to extremely talented young musical gems.

Razor hails from North London and confesses how he felt a close inclination towards everything music in his growing up years. However, he had no inch of an idea that life would indeed present him with opportunities that could forever turn his destiny and bring him to the forefront of the UK’s music scene.

You can soothe your ears by listening to his songs like Dead Marshes, Reasons, Once A Woman Twice A Child, Make Up To Break Up, Rainy Days, Best of Luck, Run’s House, Get It In, Swimming In Your Ovaries and Ride for Me on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram @razorartist.

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