Top Five Richest People in the World in 2021

Friends, today we are going to tell you about the five richest people in the world, in today's time these top five people are the most richest people in the world.

Friends, today we are going to tell you about the top five richest people in the world in 2021, in today’s time these top five people are the most richest people in the world. And who are earning the most money, the wealth of these five people is more than billion dollars.

So let’s know whose name is included in the list of top five richest people in the world.

1. Jeff Bezos – $201.7 billion

Jeff Bezos

The founder and CEO of Amazon, whose name is Jeff Bezos, has a net worth of around $ 201.7 billion. And in today’s time Jeff Bezos ranks as the first richest person in the whole world. Even after Jeff Bezos divorced his wife Mackenzie in the year 2019 and transferred a quarter of his stake in Amazon to Mackenzie, Jeff’s position remains the same today.

Jeff Bezos founded the behemoth Amazon in 1994 from his garage in Seattle. This e-commerce giant of Jeff Bezos has also taken advantage of this dangerous epidemic like covid-19. In which more and more people are shopping online.

2. Elon Musk – $195.3 billion

Elon Musk

Elon Musk works to revolutionize transportation on Earth through his Tesla company, makers of electric cars and through rocket maker SpaceX in space. Musk rocket company is currently valued at about $100 billion, with Musk’s net worth currently around $195.3 billion.

Elon rocket company SpaceX is currently estimated to be worth around $100 billion.

3. Bernard Arnault & Family – $187.1 billion

Bernard Arnault

France chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault is today included in the third richest person in the whole world. His business in an empire of more than 70 brands, including those of Louis Vuitton and Sephora, has resulted in his net worth of around $187.1 billion. Bernard Arnault, the country’s biggest businessman and Europe’s richest man, earned close to $ 100 billion in the month of December last year.

4. Mark Zuckerberg – $135 billion

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is the biggest and most liked social media platform of many people. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, CEO and president of Facebook, is one of the biggest champions of the social network that has become a way of communication today. Co-founder, CEO and president of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg net worth is close to $135 billion. Mark Zuckerberg is a very young billionaire in today’s time. Zuckerberg’s net worth has exceeded $100 billion

5. Bill Gates – $132 billion

Bill Gates

The co-founder of the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has a net worth of close to $132 billion as of today. After founding the software giant Microsoft with Paul Allen, Gates eventually sold most of his stake in the company. And retained only about 1% of the shares and invested the rest in shares and other assets. Last year, in the month of April, Bill Gates had entered the club of about $ 100 billion.

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