Twitter’s ‘Super Follows’ feature will assist content creators in monetizing their work

"Twitter's slow steady shift to content-based monetization is a good move away from the prevalent ad-supported monetization."

Beyond promotional tweets, social networking site Twitter is introducing a ‘Super Follows’ feature to assist users in monetizing their content.
Those chosen for the ‘Super Follows’ test group will be able to post subscriber-only content that will be viewable to the few who pay a subscription fee for the tweets.

“Twitter’s slow steady shift to content-based monetization is a good move away from the prevalent ad-supported monetization.” In some cases, advertising formats may be considered intrusive.
As a result, it makes sense for Twitter to experiment with and nurture a new free version culture, such as Super Follows, which rewards makers and the digital economy. “This is a marketing strategy that has been adopted, with varying levels of success, by other software economy players,” describes Prabhu Ram, Head – Industry Intelligence Group at CMR.

Twitter contends that subscribed content that has the potential to gain momentum can be impromptu thoughts, intimate replies only for super followers, ideas, and beliefs with extra tweets. And, depending on the content of the Twitter profile, they will be able to charge between three different price points – $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month.

“A model like ‘Super Follows’ forces a habit—pay or lose out on some premium features,” Ram claims.
Twitter has also stated that users will be able to earn up to 97 percent of revenue from their ‘Super Follows’ subscription by in-app purchase fees until they attain $50,000 in lifetime income across all Twitter-paid content products.

While it appears to be a great tool for content monetization, industry experts believe that in the age of the creator’s economy, Twitter is a little late to the party.
“But it is better late than never when trying to compete with competitors like Google (Youtube), Facebook, and TikTok-platforms that have also allotted more than $1 billion funds independently to publicize and bait good creators,” says Honey Singh, a digital Venture capitalist who has co-founded different digital advisory companies in India.

According to Singh, gated content under ‘Super Follows’ will address several of Twitter’s issues, including exclusive content, revenue sharing, and building a creator-first community, to name a few.
To begin, the initial version of Twitter’s ‘Super Follows’ feature was only available to US-based creators, but anyone on iOS in the US and Canada will be able to sign up.
While Twitter intends to grow the feature’s global rollout on iOS to subscribe in the upcoming days, the company has not yet disclosed the India launch date.

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