Walter Giulini is predicted to be the next big thing in music

This powerhouse of talent from France has already been noticed for his soulful music which is going to win a million hearts in due time._*

Genuine talent cannot be anonymous for a long time as their worth is recognized sooner making them come to the forefront resulting in fame. This is a universal phenomena and has been observed since ages. We have come across major talents who have shaken us with their immense know-how on their craft, be it music, singing, dancing or anything else. Some have left us spellbound with their extraordinary talent which is god-gifted and makes them a breed apart from the crowd. One such distinct talent has been noticed in the world of music who has swept music lovers off their feet, he is Walter from Paris, France, who is all set to take us takeover the music industry by a storm.                                                       

Walter, grew up listening to his favourite music artists and inspired to be like them going ahead in life. “music has always been my passion since I remember and that’s what I wanted to pursue in life. Having grown up listening to music artists whose timeless melodies have inspired millions, i too inspired to be like them and be heard and loved by a fans, and to fuel my passion I started working day and night towards achieving my dreams,” says Walter. He was crystal clear in what he wanted to achieve in life and that made his struggle a bit undemanding, and he was at it with full passion backed by loads of self-belief and confidence.

Walter has indeed made his mark today in the world of music and has even garnered a steady base of fan following within a short period of his music releases. His recent offerings include songs like Lova and Demain which has clicked big time with music lovers and his upcoming release J’adore is also going to hit the charts going by the buzz it has already created before its release. 

To know more about this sensation, stay tuned on his Instagram @walterzanetti_

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